The World According to Bing

From Facebook, in translation, as seen through the eyes of the Left Hand of God:

I did not lie to you, lying to you
HA, you guys are best friends Whoa!
I am going to go eat breakfast
Meet, as if in a dream, in fact, really isn’t a dream (: really? )
Three guest singing all day and night!
Old friends get together is not easy
Old school long time no see,
blink of an eye has 20 years
More than … … For almost 30 years!
Hush ~~

Photo graduation performances of the sins of the heart, huh?
your cute waiter helped us grow old yelling at three sisters spring dreams ~ ~!
Going back to the three Gorges Dam?
To meet Oh.

Tonight I’m in small places
I’ll have to go out, not smartphones
Big brother, have already started hurrying off to you?
My family didn’t understand why I had left
Appreciate your converse, infinite business opportunities!
Picture sharing yourself! Letting wing know, by the way, landlords are advised.

High school reunion 10 years ago,
recently reunited intends to call everyone back to shoot a picture
How it touched only small
We may be too fat
At that time can really strain male a pile!

My old moldy now Hello!
Hello! My master is not Taiwan! Thank you again!
I mixed with a cafe, black students notice,
not necessarily nostalgia complex,
wonderful stay small and wide circle of friends.
Look, flowers!!!

Everyone is welcome to passing through Northern California (San Francisco),
the master can come to my house together,
now accompany you read,
stay with small play together!

Ah, classmates or old.
Small, now who dares to think 9 down.
Black wide, let me know!
No problem!
Everybody ^ _ ^

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