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Into the Mountains

May 11, 2007

I am now back in San Jose again, after a few days in the cloud forests of Monteverde. The Monteverde region is, I think, the best of Costa Rica. It is tropical, but rather temperate, and were I ever going to retire here with intended permanence, it would be a likely candidate for my new…

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He’s got radioactive blood

May 6, 2007

Well, here I am in beautiful downtown San Jose. Today, I went to the Mueso del Oro (Museum of Gold) and looked at their collection of gold artifacts that had been made by the original indigenous inhabitants, before Columbus and his countrymen enslaved them all and stole their gold (fairly traded them for valued coloured…

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How do you spend your evenings?

May 4, 2007

For the last two months, I have been keeping an eye on two gecko eggs that I keep in a jar on my bookshelf. I found the eggs in the deadbolt slot of the doorframe on my bodega, and brought them in with the intention of seeing them hatch. Gecko eggs, which are white and…

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Resurfacing, at my peril

April 18, 2007

My previously announced ambitious resolve to spice things up in this blog has, you may have noticed, failed to amount to anything other than unexplained silence. Despite some valiant attempts (my hard drive is full of half-finished screeds on related subjects), I tried to write something about the current political situation in Canada, but was…

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The Probation is Over

March 25, 2007

In two weeks, I will have been in Costa Rica for three months. Because a passport-entry visit is legally limited to three months, this means that some action is required on my part. The officially required action is that I leave the country, but I am permitted to return after an absence of at least…

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It’s beginning to look a lot like ‘Selby’…

March 18, 2007

(Forgive me my judgemental moment of unrestrained snobbery. I’m striving for progress, after all, not perfection.) It is, apparently, going to be a long two weeks. My new guests appear to be wretched, vile, vulgar, products of the sort of America spawned in a backwoods Tennessee trailer park but, having come into money (through luck…

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Death to the white bread!

March 8, 2007

I was recently working on a new blog entry when I stopped and reviewed some of those I had recently posted. Later, when I had awoken from my boredom-inspired catatonic state, it occurred to me that perhaps I am playing things a little safe. Did I take a vow of relative poverty and travel all…

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What’s not to like?

February 27, 2007

Some of my readers are getting the idea that it’s all a life of effortless bliss down here. I suppose this is my fault, as I have been posting pictures of beaches, talking about the sun and the warm ocean, listing wildlife sightings, dropping references to maid-cooked breakfasts, and describing seemingly endless sessions of contemplating…

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Enough sitting around already

February 6, 2007

On Thursday morning, I set out with local friends Amore and Neil, their neice from South Africa, Missy, as well as Rick, on a hike from Puerto Viejo to Cahuita. By road, it is 18km to Cahuita, but we walked the beach, which involves rounding Cahuita Point, so it might be a little over 20km…

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Another challenging day

January 30, 2007

This morning I was up at 5:45. In Vancouver, the only time I ever saw 5:45am was when I had been up all night partying (and that hasn’t happened in more than a few years). For the last few years, staying up until midnight has been a challenge. Despite this, dragging myself out of bed…

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A few warm photos

January 21, 2007

I’ve received a request from Pat for photos of the beach, to help her through the dreary cold days of winter in Vancouver. Here’s a few to help warm you all up (click for larger images): This is Playa Negra, a black sand beach that stretches from Puerto Viejo to Cahuita, looking north. Cahuita National…

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Less wild life, more wildlife

January 19, 2007

Costa Rica is not a very big country, physically. At 51,100 km² (0.1% of the world’s land mass), it’s about 4,000 km² smaller than the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. However, it is big in terms of natural history, and contains 6% of the biodiversity of the entire planet, with more species of birds than…

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First week in CR

January 13, 2007

Well, I have been in Costa Rica for a week. Time for a recap. For the most part, the bus ride from San Jose to Puerto Viejo was as expected: longish and warmish. The only unusual thing was the kid sitting next to me. I was by the window, and he on the aisle. Once…

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My bag has been found

January 8, 2007

Good news: my missing bag has been found and arrived at the airport this morning. Now I just have to get it. If I wait for them to deliver it to me, I might be in San Jose for another day, so back to the airport I go. I don’t imagine that American will be…

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A few minor complications

January 7, 2007

So far, this hasn´t been the smoothest start I´ve ever had to a trip, but it´s not a disaster, either. I had planned to ride to Seattle with my friends Pat and Joe on Friday morning at 10:00, but since it was snowing, we aited until noon, waiting for the expected rain to come and…

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Funny, I don’t feel 43

January 6, 2007

As many of you know, I have little time for christmas. For one thing, I’m not a christian. For another, the stampede of consumer frenzy that takes place all around me – starting in October these days – leaves me feeling considerably less than spiritual. I choose to honour the spirit of the solstice that…

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Winter photo of the week

November 30, 2006

Since it doesn’t snow much in Vancouver, half the city is out taking pictures: 1,000,000 icicles will probably be photographed this week. I didn’t even have to leave the house to take my icicle picture. It’s orange because the sunset is behind it. I scaled down the size of the image, but otherwise it is,…

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Idle blather on a frosty Tuesday evening

November 28, 2006

Perhaps it’s simply because I’m in possession of a plane ticket to the tropics, but I am feeling a little more sensitive to the cold this year than usual. Actually, I think it has more to do with the fact that I’m living in a house for the first time in many years. Most houses,…

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