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Travels in Amerika: Part III

January 25, 2005

Everywhere I go in America, “The War” is at the forefront of consciousness. Turn on any television (I didn’t actually do this, but I did spend considerable time in restaurants) and you’ll hear the word “Iraq” (usually pronounced “A Rock”) mentioned endlessly. Large numbers of cars sport US flags in all sort of shapes and…

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Travels in Amerika: Part II

January 24, 2005

Like me, you might have an erroneous impression of the American south as a semi-tropical savannah where the matrons stroll with mint juleps in a white-gloved hand while twirling a parasol in the other. The reality is frigid winds blowing at gale force through a city that reminds me more of Winnipeg, except most of…

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Travels in Amerika: Part I

January 22, 2005

Another business trip, another airport complaint – at the airport you can buy a tie, a book, or an inflatable dinosaur; all the perfume, cigarettes, gin and jewelry you can carry, condoms, inflatable toys, and all the daily newspapers except the only Canadian one worth reading: The Globe and Mail. I always try to read…

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Next: A plague of locusts?

December 12, 2004

In the fall I developed a sudden case of fruit flies in my kitchen. This usually happens about once a year, and is typically caused by a piece of overripe fruit in the bowl. Toss it out, and the flies are gone within 24 hours (they don’t have much of a life). I couldn’t find…

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