By default, most themes are written so that archive or index pages (pages that display multiple posts) show how many comments have been approved, and the reader must click a link to see the actual comments, usually with the result of opening the specific post. This is for good reason, for on a site with a large number of comments on many posts, display of the pages would become unwieldly.

One client, however, wanted all post comments to appear fully visible on his archive/index page. This required some theme tinkering, with a change in which php function was called. The solution, as described by Flisterz, was simple:

I added this to the second line of “archive.php” (not to be confused with “archives.php”), right after the "get_header" line:

<?php $withcomments = 1 ?>

And I added this to the same file, right before the end of the loop:

<?php comments_template(); ?>

Some optional cleaning up was done, to eliminate the old comment code and place tags in the most beneficial spot, but otherwise, that did it.


  1. Felix Karlsson on July 23, 2009 at 05:52

    When I’m submiting a comment I’m getting redirect to single.php, as default. How could I configure this and just update the index.php-page?
    Thankful for a quick response.

    Felix Karlsson

  2. Enrique on April 30, 2011 at 10:17

    Great “trick” 😉 Thanks for share it.