Where’s the hypothermia prevention workshop?

I spent the better part of the night freezing and huddled in the foetal position beneath the thin gruel of my $48 linens, enhanced by the meager weight of all my clothes (how many could I have brought to a nudist camp?). The wind was howling and banging doors and windows. I was somewhat surprised not to wake up to snow-covered fields.

I finally managed to drag myself out to breakfast just in time for the last of the luke-warm buffet, though all I really cared about was the hot tea. Then I went back to bed and read until lunch.

As it was sunny, but with a cold wind, I spent much of the afternoon sitting on a bench by the lake, out of the breeze, reading. Then it was off to the “Bare Bear” themed social hour, at which I was largely taken hostage by a pair of dullards who hope to seduce me but haven’t the faintest hope. This was followed by dinner (spaghetti and meatballs). Later in the evening, a “Dirty Disco” was scheduled to take place across the lake, the area designated for “adult play”. Always the attentive journalist, I went over to investigate and found very little dancing happening, though there were plenty of people standing around watching a few play around. The air was thick with amyl nitrate, which I find rather repulsive in any environment (but especially so in a deafening environment).

Sunday morning, I missed breakfast. I woke up early, but could not exert the courage to drag myself from my warm bed. I stayed there until lunch, ate, and then returned to it. In the afternoon, several hundred more people arrived, including many of my roommates. Sunday evening there was a concert by professional operatic tenor, which was very popular, partly because it was held indoors, but also because he is, quite justifiably, very popular.

Now that the event has “officially” started, there are many more events. Many people decorate their cabins quite elaborately, and most of those who are organised host a party sometime during the week. There are also film screenings, workshops, crafts, massage and other training activities, as well as a fully equipped (real) disco. Regrettably, my cabin is near the disco, but I can’t actually hear the music. It’s the generator that I can hear clearly. There’s no point trying to sleep before 1:00am, so I went to the disco last night. I am not traditionally a dancer, as I was born without any sense of rhythm, but I was surprised to find that it was actually fun (see, I don’t only criticise!). As they say – “when in Rome, do the Romans”.

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  1. Darren on August 20, 2007 at 13:38


    It certainly reads like a journey to date, from NYC to a gay mens spiritual awakening workshop to being nude in the woods with more gay men… Hmmm, I see a trend happening here. I am sorry to read that your knee keeps blowing out, I am all to familiar with the same affliction and I don’t even ride a bike!

    Let us know your plans beyond the Poconos trip. I can the via the blog that you are mulling over return to Easton, New York and then heading west to the cost via Chicago. If you cannot make it to New Brunswick, then drop me a line and maybe we can hook up in Boston. We’re there Sept. 1-3 and then working our way west to Canastota, New York for an overnight stop before heading to Toronto.

    You are always welcome to visit here, but if this year does not work out then let’s try for the next one.