When one door closes… (when did I become such an optimist?)

Well, I checked out the Visa “Purchase Protection” insurance that covers my bike for theft for 90 days. I bought the damn thing 99 days ago. If it had to be stolen, why not in Hamilton, where I would have expected it, and where I would still be in the claim window?

Oddly, I was recently discussing the alleged laws of karma with friends, during which I posited that karma is not an element of retribution, but one of opportunity. This experience had me reconsidering that briefly, but there is opportunity to be found. When I was riding from Calgary toward Edmonton, I had a strong headwind, and fell back on my dictum that this should be fun, and took the opportunity of the wind and went to Saskatoon instead. Now, I can look at this as one adventure completed, and a new one ready to start. How lucky am I? I get to venture off into the unknown twice in one summer!

Now, what to do? I still have not ruled out cycling east, but I am feeling rather unenthusiastic about buying a new bike. I could take a bus trip east, but my knees hate buses. I could walk to the coast, but I don’t think I have time. I could fly to the coast and just wander the region. Or, I could get on a plane and go somewhere more exotic. To replace my bike will probably cost upwards of $1,500, if I buy new. I can buy a plane ticket to San Jose or Havana for about $700.

Maybe I could go to India and get one of those massages that Beez got?

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