Travels in Amerika: Part VII

Well, I’ve finished my work in Cleveland. This afternoon I fly back to Toronto.

I had another chat with Ed the guard this morning. I was rolling a travel case out to the loading bay (it’s quite large), and Ed said “Aha! I’m onto you. You’re Canadian. You’re smuggling Americans into Canada in that thing.”

I responded, with mock drawl, “Yup, I’ve gone and rescued me a bacth of draft dodgers”.

Ed waved at the case and said “Bye-bye” as though he was happy to be rid of my draft dodgers, and returned to his desk. During our chat this morning, he revealed that he was a conservative who had been pleased to see that last of Bill Clinton, but now he would be pleased to see the last of George W. Ed isn’t a christian fundamentalist, but he is a conservative.

Many who despise the American right wing are quick to stereotype US conservatives, and many Canadians ones, too, as loony nutcases, but this is not always the case, and I would suggest that leftists and centrists do their own movements more harm than good by continuing to subscribe to the theory that it’s only a matter of time until the old nutcases die off before liberalism once again becomes fashionable.

I had a few hours to kill before my plane, but not really enough time to explore the city in detail, so I took a walk through the downtown core. It really is attractive, in many respects. The lobby of the theatre in the Keith Building is beautiful, and there are several galleria that house artisans. However, there really isn’t much to do, so I went back to the hotel to do some writing.

Unusually when travelling on business, I’m not really feeling all that homesick. There are a few people I miss, and I’ll be glad to take another walk to Beaver Lake, but otherwise, I kind of like the feeling of being free and easy, materially. It’s just me and a suitcase. I don’t feel burdened by the pile of possessions that await me at home, and which are effectively my dependents. I work to provide a home for a mountain of books and piles of kitchen accessories, most of which are seldom used.

Perhaps I’m just manifesting the purge that I have planned for the spring, in preparation for my next midlife crisis, which will result in great changes in my lifestyle. Maybe when I get home, I’ll be more ready to start taking the necessary action.

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