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The Probation is Over

March 25, 2007

In two weeks, I will have been in Costa Rica for three months. Because a passport-entry visit is legally limited to three months, this means that some action is required on my part. The officially required action is that I leave the country, but I am permitted to return after an absence of at least…

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It’s beginning to look a lot like ‘Selby’…

March 18, 2007

(Forgive me my judgemental moment of unrestrained snobbery. I’m striving for progress, after all, not perfection.) It is, apparently, going to be a long two weeks. My new guests appear to be wretched, vile, vulgar, products of the sort of America spawned in a backwoods Tennessee trailer park but, having come into money (through luck…

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Death to the white bread!

March 8, 2007

I was recently working on a new blog entry when I stopped and reviewed some of those I had recently posted. Later, when I had awoken from my boredom-inspired catatonic state, it occurred to me that perhaps I am playing things a little safe. Did I take a vow of relative poverty and travel all…

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What’s not to like?

February 27, 2007

Some of my readers are getting the idea that it’s all a life of effortless bliss down here. I suppose this is my fault, as I have been posting pictures of beaches, talking about the sun and the warm ocean, listing wildlife sightings, dropping references to maid-cooked breakfasts, and describing seemingly endless sessions of contemplating…

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Enough sitting around already

February 6, 2007

On Thursday morning, I set out with local friends Amore and Neil, their neice from South Africa, Missy, as well as Rick, on a hike from Puerto Viejo to Cahuita. By road, it is 18km to Cahuita, but we walked the beach, which involves rounding Cahuita Point, so it might be a little over 20km…

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Another challenging day

January 30, 2007

This morning I was up at 5:45. In Vancouver, the only time I ever saw 5:45am was when I had been up all night partying (and that hasn’t happened in more than a few years). For the last few years, staying up until midnight has been a challenge. Despite this, dragging myself out of bed…

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A few warm photos

January 21, 2007

I’ve received a request from Pat for photos of the beach, to help her through the dreary cold days of winter in Vancouver. Here’s a few to help warm you all up (click for larger images): This is Playa Negra, a black sand beach that stretches from Puerto Viejo to Cahuita, looking north. Cahuita National…

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Less wild life, more wildlife

January 19, 2007

Costa Rica is not a very big country, physically. At 51,100 km² (0.1% of the world’s land mass), it’s about 4,000 km² smaller than the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. However, it is big in terms of natural history, and contains 6% of the biodiversity of the entire planet, with more species of birds than…

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First week in CR

January 13, 2007

Well, I have been in Costa Rica for a week. Time for a recap. For the most part, the bus ride from San Jose to Puerto Viejo was as expected: longish and warmish. The only unusual thing was the kid sitting next to me. I was by the window, and he on the aisle. Once…

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My bag has been found

January 8, 2007

Good news: my missing bag has been found and arrived at the airport this morning. Now I just have to get it. If I wait for them to deliver it to me, I might be in San Jose for another day, so back to the airport I go. I don’t imagine that American will be…

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