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Day 1: On the road, finally

May 3, 2005

Vancouver to Ruskin. DAY: 65km. ODO: 65km. Left Vancouver at 2:30. Arrived at 6pm at Thompson Creek Farm, home of my uncle Phillip and his partner Elaine. We roasted giant t-bone steaks on the fire outside. For once, I slept through the whole night without those @#$% roosters waking me up. I guess I was…

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May 1, 2005

Before I leave town, I visited Grant and Jerry, who have adopted a baby squirrel that fell down their chimney. Here is “JJ”, sitting on my shoulder:

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Why I hate modern capitalism

April 16, 2005

In preparation for an extended period of travel, which will be followed by a return to school, I decided to buy a notebook computer, despite my suspicion that the notebook market is largely a marketing scam to boost lagging PC sales – a scam with growth potential, since notebooks are difficult and expensive (or impossible)…

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Travels in Amerika, Pt. X

March 18, 2005

I have just returned from Charlotte, NC, where I was reconfiguring some phone lines connected to our computers. On my arrival at the airport, I stopped to pick up my rental car up from National Rent-a-Car. When I was deposited by the shuttle bus at the Emerald Club aisle, the greeter said “Y’all can take…

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No hockey… My best year ever!

February 16, 2005

“Just as everyone in Canada remembers where they were when Paul Henderson scored the goal that beat the Russians in 1972, everyone will surely remember where they were Wednesday when the National Hockey League added its darkest day to the calendar.” — Vancouver Sun, February 16, 2005. Barf! This has been my best winter ever……

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Travels in Amerika, Pt. IX

February 12, 2005

I’m holding in my hand (OK, I was holding in my hand until I put it down to type) a bottle of water that I bought somewhere in the United States of America. It’s called “Le Bleu”, and just in case some loyal patriot mistake it for an import from some European hotbed of communist…

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Damn crackheads!

February 9, 2005

Monday morning this week, I went down to the locker room of my apartment building (where I keep my bicycle stowed within my locker) to find the door to the room sitting open, the frame twisted. I listened: no sounds could be heard from within, so I quietly pulled the door opened and slipped in.…

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Travels in Amerika: Part VIII

February 1, 2005

(Now in Toronto) It’s hasn’t warmed up much, unfortunately. I arrived at about 5:00pm, and hadn’t eaten a heck of a lot since breakfast, so I was a little hungry. I still had my packet of Air Canada’s “Gourmet Sesame Snacks”, and munched on those while considering the options. Sesame Snacks aren’t much of a…

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Travels in Amerika: Part VII

February 1, 2005

Well, I’ve finished my work in Cleveland. This afternoon I fly back to Toronto. I had another chat with Ed the guard this morning. I was rolling a travel case out to the loading bay (it’s quite large), and Ed said “Aha! I’m onto you. You’re Canadian. You’re smuggling Americans into Canada in that thing.”…

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Travels in Amerika: Part VI

January 31, 2005

So much for Canada. Now I’m in Cleveland. One of the computers here crashed, and as I was the closest stooge (I mean, technician), I was nominated. I never did get the work done that I was supposed to in Toronto, but I did go to a lovely dinner party at the home of some…

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