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Backyard Chronicles: Fowl Thoughts

From the plastic Adirondack chair in my backyard, the one in which I have been sitting and contemplating the world for several years, the one that has a cracked seat that (I have discovered through painful experience) one should never recline upon while wearing a skirt sans culottes, I now have a new sight upon…

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Vancouver election 2011: A confused voter reports

Only two days remain until Vancouver’s triennial civic elections. If you’re reading this from somewhere outside of Vancouver, no need to go on – I recommend you read the label of a ketchup bottle instead – unless you care to learn more about the political underbelly of this town. After all, if even Vancouverites haven’t…

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Woodward’s: then and now

It’s impossible to experience my immediate physical location in precisely the same way in which I experienced it as a barely pubescent youth so many years ago. Nevertheless, as I sit at an upper-level table in the W2 Media Café I sense many ghosts unrelated to the Halloween enthusiasts who occasionally wander through in costume.…

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