Still Regina…

Regina (Sightseeing). DAY: 00.00km. ODO: 2,459km. AVS: 00.0km/h. MXS: 00.0km/h. ATM: 0:00.

After a leisurely morning eating breakfast, drinking tea and reading the Globe and Mail, I wandered over to the library to do a little research on central Manitoba, in preparation for the next leg of my trip. After that, I went to two more Mosaic pavilions: Hungarian (cabbage rolls) and Indian, where I had the best food deal: a whole vegetarian dinner for $7. It seemed to be the most popular pavilion I had been to (it was packed).

I spent Saturday night reading Don Quixote. I didn’t really get hooked on it until I’d read almost 200 pages, but I’m right into it now.

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