Seeing Calgary

Calgary (sightseeing). DAY: 0.00km. ODO: 1,271km. AVS: 00.0km/h. MXS: 00.0km/h. ATM: 0:00.

Finding an internet connection in Calgary has proven to be challenging. WiFi cafes are scarce, and the one close internet cafe I found would not let me connect my laptop. However, I have since found a Second Cup that provides free WiFi, so all is good (except that I’m drinking a lot of tea).

As my Achilles is stll causing problems, I didn’t cycle at all today, choosing to walk and take the LRT instead. The hostel I am staying at is on the fringes of downtown, where all the junkies hang out. There is a needle repository box out front, and a shooting gallery in the alley behind. It’s not one of the more modern hostels I’ve been to. This afternoon they posted signs on some of the dormroom doors indicating that “preventative fumigation” would take place on Wednesday. My room is one of the few that is exempt, which leads me to suspect that as soon as the spraying starts, any bugs will make a beeline to my room where it’s safe.

I had dinner with my sister, Karna, tonight, at her favourite haunt – the Ranchman’s Club. I’m not exactly the ‘western’ sort, but it was interesting, and the people watching opportunities were great.

On the way home, I happened across a bike shop with a very large poster in the window that shows a guy riding a bike below the words “Quit Your Job”. Can’t argue with that!

Quit your job!

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