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Indian Briefs #6

February 8, 2014

A not-so-brief catch up on two months of travel.


The real trip begins

May 5, 2005

Ruskin to Sunshine Valley (past the Hope Slide). DAY: 121.36km. ODO: 220km. AVS: 21.2km/h. MXS: 75.5km/h. Here I am with my uncle, Phillip, just before embarking. His partner Elaine took the picture. Note the truckload of future firewood behind us that I avoided stacking by leaving on this trip: Stopped at Wenting’s again for my…

My first rest day!

May 4, 2005

Ruskin to Mission, return. DAY: 33km. ODO: 98 Spent the morning, or what was left of it after I finally woke up at 10:15 (I’m unemployed – I’ll sleep in if I want to) tinkering with my brakes and tightening up my racks. After lunch I rode to Mission to buy a handlebar bag, spare…

Day 1: On the road, finally

May 3, 2005

Vancouver to Ruskin. DAY: 65km. ODO: 65km. Left Vancouver at 2:30. Arrived at 6pm at Thompson Creek Farm, home of my uncle Phillip and his partner Elaine. We roasted giant t-bone steaks on the fire outside. For once, I slept through the whole night without those @#$% roosters waking me up. I guess I was…