Never underestimate the value of a good bike lock

Toronto (Sightseeing). July 08: DAY: 25.35km. ODO: 4,232km. AVS: 18.7km/h. MXS: 37.5km/h. ATM: 1:20:59.

Toronto (Sightseeing). July 09: DAY: 8.06km. ODO: 4,240km. AVS: 18.6km/h. MXS: 34.0km/h. ATM: 0:25:56.

I should have left on Thursday.

Last night, I went for dinner to Le Commensal, a vegetarian buffet off of Bloor. It’s a great place if you like to pay for a steak but eat rice and beans. Afterward, I went to a cafe near the former Maple Leaf Gardens (which is now being converted into a grocery store) for tea, and while I was there, my bike vanished from the light pole to which it was fastened.

I questioned a nearby hooker to see if she had seen anything, to no avail, though she made very sympathetic noises. With the outfit she was wearing and the traffic jam she was causing, I knew it was pointless asking other passersby if they had seen anything. Futilely, I walked a block in each direction to see if I could spot any evidence of it, also to no avail, so I took the streetcar home.

Needless to say, I’m moderately distressed. I’m hoping to happen across the thief somewhere so that I can cave his skull in with a pedal wrench (anger is a normal part of the recovery cycle, and my personal favourite). In the meantime, I suppose that I have four options:

1) Buy a new bike and carry on
2) Have someone ship my other bike to me and carry on
3) Put the remainder of the trip off to another year, and return to Vancouver
4) Do something else completely different with the remainder of the summer

These I now contemplate.

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