Let’s just make this more difficult

Saskatoon (Sightseeing). DAY: 0.0km. ODO: 2,072km. AVS: 0.0km. MXS: 0.0km. ATM: 0:00.

Well, while I was immersing myself in popular culture last evening, my wallet un-immersed itself from my back pocket. Losing my wallet is traumatic for me, rather like the prospect of castration.

In some ways, I feel like my identity is packaged within that cheap piece of cow ass. Perhaps, though, this is the universe telling me to get over such neuroses and accept that all it contains is a bunch of plastic bits bearing embossed numbers and low quality photographs. Nonetheless, it presents a certain degree of inconvenience in this modern cash-challenged society. At least I have a passport with which to prove my identity, should this be nrecessary.

There were no more screenings after the one I attended last night, and there were no matinees today, so I am hoping that it is still there. I shall attend to the theatre when they open tonight at 6:30 to attempt to retrieve it. In the meantime, I have cancelled my credit cards as a precautionary measure, should some underpaid theatre janitor decide to go on an AmEx spending spree.

This all took up most of my morning. Under the circumstances, I notified the front dresk that I would be staying an additional night, and I did some sightseeing this afternoon. I went to the Mendel Art Gallery, but it is closed for a show change. The rest of the time I spent wandering around the park that follows the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, and browsing a pretty decent used bookstore.

@ 18:10 – Back in action!

Yay! My wallet was found and I have retrieved it from the theatre. What lessons are to be learned from this experience?

• Avoid popular culture.
• Avoid keeping wallets in synthetic trousers without fastening the pocket closure.

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