Heather, Hamilton, and an air-conditioner

Millgrove (Sightseeing). DAY: 35.06km. ODO: 3,894km. AVS: 24.4km/h. MXS: 57.5km/h. ATM: 1:26:02.

The good thing about the Floridian in that he stays up late at night, and sleeps late in the morning, so I can generally count on some peace. I ate a leisurely breakfast of granola with fresh Ontario strawberries out in the sun, now that it’s finally warm enough in the morning to be enjoyable.

After that, I went and sat in the sun by the pool, reading the book section from last Saturday’s Globe, trying to even out my tan a bit. My forearms, the lower part of my thighs, and my nose are all dark brown, and the rest is pale white.

After that, I rode into town again, this time to the Medical Services Centre at MacMaster to meet Michelle’s mother, Heather, for lunch. She took me on a great tour of Hamilton and a good chunk of the Niagara region, in hr air-conditioned car (a nice break from the humidity) through the wine country almost as far as St. Catherines. We had a fabulous lunch at a place on the shore of Lake Ontario, where I could see the spires of Toronto on the opposite side of the lake. It looks very small from that far away.

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