Some rest day…

Local sightseing. DAY: 60.55km. ODO: 600km. AVS: 22.2km/h. MXS: 52.0km/h. ATM: 2:43

After a fabulous Flags breakfast, I departed for a “short ride into town” for a little sightseeing. The Flags is on the fringes of Kelowna, in the Glenmore area. I rode into town, had a cup of tea, and then rode out along the lake almost as far as Okanagan Mountain, an area that was heavily damaged by the forest fires last year. After that I rode back downtown and then back to the B&B. Total mileage: 60.2km. Some rest! It was, however, not a hilly ride, and I was carrying little luggage.

Two more birds: white-crested sparrow, and two pairs of orioles building nests. Could also hear, but not see, a western goldfinch.

I’ve decided to stay in Kelowna for an extra day, for extra soaking of my knee and shoulders in the hot tub. Expect to leave for Vernon on Wednesday. I still haven’t decided to go to Rogers Pass, or to Jasper via Kamloops. I’ll probably end up making the decision at the highway junction.

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