The Okanagan

Coral’s to Okanagan Lake Provincial Park (north of Summerland). DAY: 120.58km. ODO: 488km. AVS: 20.0km/h. MXS: 54.5km/h. ATM: 6:01.

I had not intended to travel this far, but that’s how it goes. Headwind all the way from Coral’s didn’t make it any easier. On arrival in Penticton (where I was greeted by a giant billboard bearing a picture of Stockwell Day, MP) I went for a quick swim in Skaha Lake. It was quick because it was bloody freezing and my feet were in pain from the cold after 30 seconds. This explains why I was the only one of the five people on the beach that went in the water. Wimps! Very refreshing, though, after all the hot hill climbing today. I swam in my cycling shorts to rinse them out, but changed into boxers afterward so that the shorts could dry in the sun. No change rooms, so I just changed in the parking lot, which was no doubt entertaining for the occupants of the many passing RVs.

Had dinner at Santorini’s Restaurant, one of only two places open in Summerland as far as I could see. Except for a basketball team of particularly vocal girls from Castlegar having dinner, the town was deserted. If that’s Saturday night in Summerland, I’d hate to see Sunday. My left knee is a bit sore, as is my whole ass (need the calluses to build up a bit yet, I suppose), but otherwise, things are good. A bunch of cyclists from some tour group, all decked out in designer cycling outfits (you know the type), passed me on the flats after Keremeos, but I ended up passing some of them – pushing their bikes – on the way up the big hill to Yellow Lake. And they had a truck carrying all their gear!

I charged the Ipod on the laptop tonight. It sure sucks up the PC battery life! Guess I’ll charge it up whenever spend any time in a town. The camera battery died today too. I’m not sure if it is insufficient, or because I left it on for a long time in my pannier. Will charge it tomorrow in Kelowna. I will be in Kelowna for at least two nights, visiting my friends Don and Bryan at The Flags B&B.

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