Rogers Pass

Canyon Hot Springs to Golden. DAY: 130.73km. ODO: 968km. AVS: 20.3km/h. MXS: 73.0km/h. ATM: 6:24.

In the morning, I was up before 7:00, but since the woman at the desk had said the previous evening that they don’t open up for breakfast until 9:00, I laid around until 8, then got up and packed. I arrived at breakfast at 9:20 to find that breakfast ended at 9:00. I bought a mediocre cinnamon bun and two cups of mediocre tea, two packs of Skittles, a chocolate bar, and some fruit burst things.

I crossed two mountain ranges today, I believe. The Purcells, and the Selkirks, which is where Rogers Pass is. Rogers Pass was a snap. It’s a long climb, but much of it is at easy grades – the last 10k or so is the hardest. Here’s a photo of me at the top:

Rogers Pass

I was pretty tired by the time I got to Golden. I had dinner at a Greek restaurant (in most of these small towns, the Greeks sell pasta). Camped at the Whispering Spruce campground. The only things whispering are the trucks on the highway and the trains passing all night.

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