Signs Preceding the End of the World

My Year of Books: 2014

December 31, 2014

Here, book lovers, is my 2014 reading list. I hope that, as I have had my literary world broadened through my exposure to other readers, some of you may also discover new writers through my list.

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A brief meditation on snow

November 28, 2014

After so many years of wet Vancouver snows (roughly one week of each winter), I’d forgotten how pleasant a dry, powdery accumulation can be.

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Bow River

In Which I Say Positive Things About Calgary

November 9, 2014

Yes, there are some obvious drawbacks to Calgary, and I’ll probably complain about all of them at one time or another. But one doesn’t have to dig too deeply to come up with things to like, either. Here are my top ten, so far.

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The Teachers’ Strike: An Immodest Proposal

September 11, 2014

An alternative, if unconventional, tactic for dealing with BC Premier Christy Clark’s apparent anti-teacher vendetta (and other problems).

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Bow River

September Intent

September 2, 2014

September is a favoured month, one of my twelve most favoured months, in fact. I think of September as my New Year.

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Indian Briefs #6

February 8, 2014

A not-so-brief catch up on two months of travel.

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Indian Briefs #5: Jaisalmer

January 29, 2014

On turning fifty in the Thar Desert.

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Indian Briefs #4

January 26, 2014

I wrote three blog posts about the first two cities I visited, and then there’s been nothing since, though I’ve careened through nineteen more cities and towns since I left Agra.

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