My Year of Books: 2020

Flourish - Jacqueline Turner

The unfortunate election of a certain dementogogue to the US presidency has made my typical reading patterns go all to hell. Here’s my short reading list for 2020.

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Planet of the Humans

If you’re already feeling in any way depressed (or otherwise experiencing fragile mental health) from the effects of COVID-induced social isolation, do yourself a big favour and don’t watch Jeff Gibbs’s Planet of the Humans. This might be the worst cinematic experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve seen *two* of Adam Sandler’s films.

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My Year of Books: 2014

Signs Preceding the End of the World

Here, book lovers, is my 2014 reading list. I hope that, as I have had my literary world broadened through my exposure to other readers, some of you may also discover new writers through my list.

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Phantom of the Paradise

phantom of the paradise

In 1974, a destined-for-cult-status campy rock musical written and directed by Brian De Palma was released to a great flood of inattention: Phantom of the Paradise was a bit of a flop. De Palma’s eighth film was successful in only one North American market, which just happened to be my market at the time – Winnipeg.

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Indian Briefs #4

Floating palace, Jaipur

I wrote three blog posts about the first two cities I visited, and then there’s been nothing since, though I’ve careened through nineteen more cities and towns since I left Agra.

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Indian Briefs #1

Humayun's Tomb, Delhi

The first (I hope) of some brief snapshots from India. If all goes well, I’ll get caught up a bit the next few days while I’m here in Jodhpur.

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